The kitchen table has always been my favorite place to paint.
The photograph on the left was taken when I first started painting.
The one on the right is what my kitchen table looks like now.

                                                                        My, . . . how I've changed.

I don't have a studio per se. That's because I don't go off to a special
place and be an artist for a while here and a while there.
I incorporate creating as a part of every day.

I do have a cool hide-out though. That's where I store all the things
I've made or collected. I call it the "Love Shack."

I've decided not to be bashful about color.
What harm can I do putting black beside blue. As the saying goes,

"To Thine Own Self Be True."

Color is becoming my second language.
I'm learning through immersion.


I have studios all over the house, and of course, outside.
Here are two sides of a room divider I painted in my bedroom.

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